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Our Clients  


Acrux Limited (ASX:ACR): TSL initially raised $26.1 million through three capital raisings, advised on corporate structure and Board composition, and recruited appropriately qualified Directors. TSL also assisted with a successful START grant application, and provided company secretarial services and ongoing strategic business advice. MORE...

Dendritic Nanotechnology Limited: TSL prepared an information memorandum and conducted a business plan review.

Dental Focus: TSL provided an initial assessment of potential merger and acquisition opportunities.

Diagnotech Pty Ltd: Provided structuring and strategic advice.

Dovuro Pty. Ltd.: In 2006, TSL negotiated the sales of Australia’s leading canola seed production and marketing company (Dovuro Seeds) and the specialty canola seed breeding operations of Nutrihealth Pty Ltd, to Nufarm Ltd.

Etech Group International Ltd: TSL provided corporate structuring and business planning advice and assisted in capital raising.

Healthfarm Fine Foods Pty Ltd (formerly Nutrihealth Pty. Ltd.): TSL advised on corporate restructuring, commercialisation and business planning, appointed a CEO, and negotiated and implemented the acquisition of a food manufacturing facility. TSL initiated the company's formation, assisted with the preparation of offer documentation and capital raisings. TSL subsequently arranged the sale of one of the divisions of the company to NuFarm Limited MORE...

Horizon Science Pty Ltd: Provided structuring and strategic advice on commercialisation of the company’s technology. Introduced $9 million capital through the Inventages Venture Capital Group) and New Zealand based Bio Pacific Ventures. Inventages is partially funded by the multinational Nestlé group.

Intreat Pty Ltd (now Canxell Ltd.): TSL provided corporate structuring and business planning advice.

Micronix Pty Ltd: Provided structuring and strategic advice and conducted two capital raisings for the company.

NeuroVu Research Pty Ltd: TSL prepared a business plan and assisted in an initial capital raising.

Origin Capital Limited: TSL established a Pooled Development Fund and raised $6 million for the Company. TSL identified four investee companies in which Origin subsequently invested.

Orpharma Pty Ltd: TSL conducted an initial capital raising, recruited the CEO and advised on corporate development strategy. MORE...

Paranta Biosciences Pty. Ltd.: TSL raised $17m for Paranta, recruited the CEO and provided liaison services with a major Australian research institution for applications of the Company’s biologics in oncology.MORE...

PharmaQest Pty Ltd: Provided structuring and strategic advice and negotiated an international collaboration with the Sigma Tau Group.

Plantic Technologies Limited: TSL raised an initial $6 million and a secondary raising of $5.5 million, prepared the initial business plan, recruited a CEO and independent Board, and provided company secretarial services.

Prescient Therapeutics Limited (ASX:PTX- formerly Virax Holdings Limited): TSL raised $7 million through two capital raisings and provided corporate advisory services, including preparation for an IPO. MORE...

Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX:SPL): TSL raised the initial $12.8 million equity for the company through two capital raisings, advised on corporate structure and assisted with an IPO which raised $22.4 million. TSL also provided commercialisation and business development advice and shareholder liaison services. SPL is currently capitalised at approximately $540million. MORE...

Stem Cell Sciences Limited: TSL provided corporate and strategic advice including corporate structuring, employee remuneration planning and preparation of a business plan. TSL assisted with a substantial capital raising from a consortium of leading private equity funds MORE...

TPI Enterprises Limited:A listed Australian company that was formed to commercialise unique technology for the growth and processing of opioids for the international pharmaceutical industry. TSL conducted three capital raisings and assisted with the listing of the Company on ASX. TSL also provided assistance with structuring and strategic advice, negotiations with State and Federal governments, regulatory bodies and prospective customers. TPE is currently capitalised at approximately $120m. MORE...

Research organisations and institutions

CRC for polymers: TSL provided commercialisation advice and undertook a market assessment for a spin-out company.

CRC for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science: TSL established a spin-out company (Plantic Technologies Limited) and negotiated technology transfer and research agreements.

Flinders University: TSL prepared an application for a licence under the Pre-Seed Fund Program on behalf of three South Australian universities.

Genomic Disorders Research Centre: TSL advised on various commercialisation issues.

Monash University: : TSL established a spin-out company (Acrux Limited) based on a proprietary technology platform from the Victorian College of Pharmacy.

Murdoch Children's Research Institute: TSL created a business model for a spin-out company as part of the Institute's commercialisation strategy

Swinburne University: TSL provided strategic advice on financing research programs and facilities.

Government and funding agencies

Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation: TSL developed guidelines, selection criteria, procedures and application forms for large, directed research and development projects.

National Food Industry Strategy: TSL prepared a consulting report in relation to the proposed grant funding program.

State Government of Australia: TSL has undertaken a range of business plan and business reviews to support the government’s science, technology and innovation initiative..

Investors and service providers

Austock Brokers Proprietary Limited: TSL provided a commercial assessment of a potential investment opportunity.

Deutsche Bank: TSL entered into a joint venture arrangement providing Deutsche Bank with a "first look" at potential Australian life sciences investment opportunities.

Foley & Lardner: TSL provided local representation at a workshop for the Commonwealth Government's Biotechnology Centres of Excellence Program

Hochma Development Fund Limited: TSL provided a commercial and technical assessment of a potential investment opportunity

Jawcamb Australia Limited: TSL provided a commercial and technical assessment of a potential investment opportunity