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Paranta Biosciences Pty Limited

Paranta Biosciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing potentially transformative first-in-class biotherapeutics based on PB01, a unique form of recombinant human follistatin, targeting inflammatory, fibrotic and metabolic diseases with significant unmet need.

The Company is progressing three development programs:

(i) Respiratory – Inhalation of PB01 for treating cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease
(ii) Nephrology – Injection of PB01 for treating chronic kidney disease
(iii) Oncology – Injection/infusion of PB01 for treating cancer

TSL's Role:

  • Recruited the Company’s CEO (Ross Barrow).
  • Advised on corporate development strategy.
  • Conducted an initial capital raising of $7 million through an Information Memorandum at $1.00 per share and several subsequent capital raisings, raising a total of $17m.
  • Provided liaison with a major Australian research institute for applications of Paranta’s technology in oncology.

To learn more about Paranta Biosciences Pty. Limited, visit their web-site here.

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