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Plantic Technologies Limited

Biodegradable packaging
Plantic Technologies Limited was an Australian start-up company focusing on the development of a cost-competitive biodegradable alternative to standard plastic packaging. plastic packaging.

TSL was engaged by the Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science in 2000 to advise on structure and establish a spin-out company based on proprietary technology from the CRC.

During its corporate advisory relationship with the CRC, TSL:

  • Advised on structure and established a spin-out company, Plantic Technologies Limited
  • Negotiated and drafted technology transfer and research agreements

During its corporate advisory relationship with Plantic Technologies, TSL:

  • Recruited a CEO and independent Board of Directors
  • Provided company secretarial services
  • Prepared a business plan and offer documentation
  • Conducted a $6 million capital raising in early 2002 from Australian private investors
  • Successfully completed a $5.5 million capital raising in December 2003/ January 2004

Plantic Technologies listed on Londonís Alternative Investment Market (ĎAIMí) in 2007 and the Company was subsequently privatised by one of the Companyís major shareholders.

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